Get Your Own Membership Site & Store Front Pre-Loaded With Hot Turnkey Sites...For Totally Hands Off & Hassle-Free Sales!


This amazing opportunity brought to you by: Michelle, , Hotlist Admin.



Let's Face It. Building web sites is time consuming, costly and too complicated for most people.

Let me ask you...How Many Times Have You...

  • Purchased a product only to realize the sales page is too complicated to set up?
  • Wasted countless hours setting up new products on your web site?
  • Wasted Time zipping, unzipping, and uploading the files to your web site?
  • Been completely and utterly confused reading the license terms OR gotten in trouble for a terms violation?
  • Had to increase your webhost space to accommodate a large collection of download files?
  • Wasted money outsourcing sales page set ups and alterations to the coding?
  • Wasted money buying this product and that .. only to find they really don't sell?


If you're anything like me, you probably don't really even USE the new releases that you buy! I purchase them with the sole purpose of reselling them for a profit to my customers.  (Some call it "Product-Flipping" or "Web Site Flipping") In fact, I've been reselling eProducts profitably FULL TIME for over 14 years now! Eproduct sales have afforded me the opportunity to stay home and take care of my family ... and I know that's probably a dream you have as well.

So I understand the frustration that many of you (both newbie and veterans alike) experience in eProduct sales and distribution.  I  have experienced them at one time or another myself. This is the very reason I created my newest turnkey membership site..




With just this one membership you'll not only receive the latest eproducts to hit the Internet shelves but you'll also receive '100% instant payment' turnkey sales pages to go along with each product for completely hassle-free profits!




The Inner Circle program provides members with a simple-to-use turnkey 'e-store' that was designed with newbies in mind, but it's also powerful enough that even the most seasoned gurus join!

What We're offering here is very simple....

  • A turnkey e-Mall offering the hottest eproducts on the net. Just like this one.
  • Built In Sales System.
  • Built In Delivery System.
  • Built In Anti-Fraud System.
  • Automated & hands-free eProduct Maintenance.  (We do all the work for you)
  • Complimentary Live & friendly Customer Support for you and your customers.
  • 100% Commissions paid directly to you on every single Hotlist e-product sale!

Reselling eproducts as a Hotlist/Innercircle member really is stupid simple... it's simply a matter of creating a store nickname and entering it in our form to generate your custom sales page links!

All sales that you generate will go 100% instantly to your paypal account!


Here's the whole process in just 4 super easy steps....

  • We set up , upload, and customize the sales page for each new product we give to you.
  • You generate your unique sales page link using your chosen store name.
  • You blast off your ad about the product you want to promote.
  • And we do everything else! We deliver the product and even offer fast support!
  • You collect 100% of every single e-product payment - sent straight to your paypal!

And That's it! You're in business for yourself and you don't even have to pull your hair out!


I've taken the basic resell rights membership and I've flipped the script making this a membership program above all others!  I'm literally changing the way people sell eproducts online and it's making top gurus stand up and take notice!


That's right...You not only get to resell the newest eproducts for 100% Instant commissions--but you'll also get to resell these very same Inner Circle memberships for 100% Instant and RECURRING profits every single month!  You will earn 100% instant monthly subscription payments for every other new member you refer! (Rates currently @ $19.99/month)

And don't be fooled by the imitators who charge $47.00 a month for this same service!  Being copy-catted online comes with the territory - especially when you come out with something profitable and something that works.  I'm no different. Since I created the Hotlist/Inner Circle program, gurus have been springing up everywhere (like they always do) and scrambling to put together programs similar to the Hotlist.  But try as they may ... The Digital Hotlist program will always be the 1st, cheapest, and ultimately .... the best!


Now Let Me Show You How The Inner Circle can help you to solve your most frustrating issues with eProducts sales and distribution....

  • Purchased a new product only to realize how complicated the sales page set up was going to be?  We set up, maintain, and paypal customize each sales page for each title in the e-Mall for you.  We do this for each and every title added to the Hotlist!
  • Wasted countless hours setting up products on your web site?  We host all sales pages on the Hotlist server. You don't have to spend not one little hour setting up any title added to the Hotlist eMall on your website -- ever!
  • Wasted Time zipping, unzipping, and uploading the files to your web site? No more! We zip each new title on our server and provide the download urls to your customers so you don't have to fool with it! In fact, The only time you'll ever have to unzip a title  is if you want to actually use it on your own computer!
  • Been completely and utterly confused reading the license terms with your products OR gotten in trouble by the product creator for a terms violation?  We take care of this for you as well!   We only add products to your e-Mall that can be legally resold to your customers.
  • Had to increase your webhost space because of the huge download files most products come with these days?  The average size of a new title these days is approx. 50 mb and some go up to even 200mb! After awhile of adding these large downloads to your server, your web host is going to be screaming "Buy more space"! We not only set up the sales pages for you but we also deliver them to your customers as well!  All new titles added to your eMall are also added to our downloads server so you don't have to waste money buying more and more web space.
  • Wasted money outsourcing sales page set ups and alterations to the coding?  All of our sales page set ups are customized to your own paypal account and all the editing and coding as well.
  • Wasted money buying this product and that product .. only to find they really don't sell? You don't have to spend another dime buying "The Next Best Title" because we do it for you!  Ask any existing member and he/she will tell you - products are never lacking at the Hotlist! We release something brand new once a week and usually every 2 days!

  • Decide For Yourself... IC Members Enjoy....

  • 24 Hour download access to all eproduct titles on the digital hot list store front.
  • 24 Hour download access to all future eproduct titles.
  • 24 Hour download access to all eproducts in our bonus downloads database of hundreds of titles.
  • Your own store front loaded with hot selling eproducts.
  • A brand new proven hot seller added to your store front each week.
  • Instant 100% commissions sent straight to your merchant account for 100% of your eproduct sales.
  • Instant 100% commissions on every other IC membership referred.
  • State of the art cookie tracking
  • We maintain the store, downloads, inventory, & even live support for you.
  • Resellers center provides complete sales statistics & click tracking.
  • Free access to our exclusive graphics maker module.
  • Free access to our exclusive banner graphics maker module.
  • Free advertising services for every 30 days you remain an IC member.
  • Being added: New eproducts with monthly recurring income commissions.


Here's some Quick answers to questions asked by actual members:

Q: Can I cancel my account at anytime?
A:  Yes. You may cancel your account anytime you wish by contacting support.

Q:  Do products purchased individually comes with sales pages?
A:  Yes but Inner Circle members don't have to worry about the sales page - we set it up, host it, and deliver the products for them!

Q:  How do you track the customers that I send to my store page?
A:  We use state of the art cookie technology. We set a cookie on the computer of your visitor the very instant they click over to your hotlist store. This cookie rides along on their computer no matter where on the hotlist they venture off to. No matter what they order from the hotlist, they will be sending payment straight to YOU.

Q:  I have a Store, do I have to download these products and add them myself?
A:  No. This program is completely hands off! We will add brand new products to your Hotlist Store page automatically each week. (Usually every 2 days) We'll take care of everything from A to Z - all you have to do is concentrate on bringing customers to your new estore.

Q:  I'm a complete beginner, can I still make a go of this incredible program?
A:  This program is perfect for newbies! In fact, you don't even have to know one lick of html code. We add the products to your sales page, we provide the downloads, and we even provide the support! That leaves you to concentrate on whats really important...bringing in customers.

Q:  If I become an Inner Circle member, will all of your products be on my page?
A: Yes all products now and in the future are added to your store at no additional charge, automatically each week.  You'll also have the advantage of marketing each of our turnkey sites separately for even bigger profits!

Q:  Do you have an area to track my sales stats?
A:  Yes. Innercircle members will receive complete sales statistics from their resellers centers including OTO sales and raw vs. unique click throughs.

Q:  Do Inner Circle members get monthly sign up payments from this membership program?
A:  Yes. Innercircle members will receive 100% instant payments on every other new member registered from their stores! That's monthly recurring commissions you don't have to work very hard for at all!


A special training area to walk you through the simple steps of getting your Store set up!

To take you by the hand and show you how to earn more online with resellers programs!

You'll also receive the following kick-butt bonuses.. just for being a valued Inner Circle member...


NOT DONE YET.... Because You'll also receive 24 hour download access to our bonus downloads database of overstock.. just for being a valued Inner Circle member... Updated with new eproducts weekly!!

In fact, we've added over 30 bonus products in April 2014 alone!


So what are you waiting for?  

Our members are enjoying healthy profits by selling eproducts from their own Hot List Stores and you can easily do the same sign up right now!  

*Don't take my word for it..check this out...*

*Single Hotlist Product Sales of Actual Resellers!


This opportunity won't be around forever..

Membership fees raise after every 100 members so if you are at all interested, you should do so now in order to lock in the lowest possible price.

Let's recap what you'll get:

  • 24 Hour Download access to ALL current titles on the Hot List.
  • 24 Hour Download access to ALL future titles for as long as you remain a member.
  • 24 Hour Download access to ALL titles in our bonus downloads section.
  • A BRAND NEW and proven hot seller added to your Store each week
  • Instant 100% commissions on 100% of your e-product sales. 
  • Instant 100% commissions on every other Inner Circle membership sold . (Rates currently @ $19.99/month)
  • All e-product sales from your store go directly to you instantly.
  • State of the art cookie tracking.  Send your customers to your Hotlist Estore and a tracking cookie is automatically locked on to their computer.  This provides reliable sales tracking to ensure accurate payment forwarding.
  • We maintain the Store, downloads, inventory, & even live support for you.
  • A Resellers center  that provides complete sales statistics & click tracking!
  • 100% payments for all newly added products with monthly recurring income. 
  • Plus much more to come!

Even More Comments From  Real Members....

  "Awesome Girl...
Keep Up The Great Work..."


"This is without-a-doubt my favorite membership site. And it only keeps getting better and better!!!"


"This is great looking forward to it... keep up the good work this is a great site and it is worth everything I pay and more!"


"Great news Michelle. This membership site just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the new addition."


"This is GREAT ... Just What I have been looking for!"


"I love promoting your stuff!  Knowing that I'm sending customers to not only great products, but where they will get excellent service... which is very rare these days!"


"Top quality products as always..fantastic!"




Your own hot list store
Resellers Center Access
Affiliate Success Guide
100% Instant Commission on 50% of sales generated
(Every Other Sale)
100% Instant Commission on 100% of sales generated
(Every Sale)
Product download access
Bonus product download database
Step by Step Set up instructions /w/ HD Video Training
Software Giveaway of the day - everyday!
Ad Services for every 30 days of membership


As you can see over 200 people have already registered a store...
If you're at all interested, you should sign up before we reach our quota!

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Yes Michelle! I Want To Signup During The " Jump Into Summer" Special Sign Up Blitz... 

Please give me my very own Membership Site pre-Loaded with hot Turnkey Sites Now!  I understand that I can cancel at any time and I'll also receive all current and future Hotlist downloads included with my membership!

Pay Monthly - $99.99 $19.99 /Month!

Instant Access-Even If Its 3AM In The Morning!


*DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, donít apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 


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