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to participate in this program, please contact Michelle regarding signup.
You will receive 30% commissions from Accelerated Earnings
Partner sign ups.---->


Today I'm announcing that we will be bringing in (10) new
accelerated earnings partners in to the ebizservices.net
website ONLY which is an outstanding opportunity
and investment opportunity for the right individuals.

What is an accelerated earnings partner? Accelerated
Earnings partners are those individuals who invest a small fee
in to the business in exchange for a 100% percentage earnings
of individual products he/she promotes and sells.

Accelerated Earnings contracts will be offered on a per year
basis meaning if you don't feel the investment is something
you would like to continue, you can drop the opportunity
after a year or you can sign back on for another year that
decision will be left up to you each year.

Now is traditionally the time that online marketers
heavily promote web sites and offers for the New Year
so now is the time to come on board as an accelerated
earnings partner with our team.

We have a sophisticated order processing system set up
on both of our web sites that runs our accounting,
affiliate system,equity partner system, and accelerated earnings for us.
As an accelerated earnings partner, all money owed to you for sales
will automatically be credited to your paypal account
the insant a sale is processed from each customer referred.

EXAMPLE:: You promote our product using your assigned referral
link and Sally purchases a package. You will earn 100% of the
sale for that package deposited directly to your Paypal account
from Sally herself. We handle order fulfillment and customer
support for Sally. You collect 100% of the money.

Our web sites generate right now between 50,000 -
100,000 a year depending on how heavily we market
our programs. With the addition of several new
high quality and popular services, we anticipate
this years sales to topple 150,000 in revenue.

If you are a webmaster with a mailing list who can send out
ads to your readers recommending our products and services,
then you will earn a pretty nice penny by joining as an
accelerated earnings partner.

Now here are the requirements if you are interested in
becoming an accelerated earnings partner for ebizservices and we are only
registering 10 new accelerated earnings partners this week:

1. You must be a web site owner. No affiliate accelerated
partners will be accepted. Meaning, if you only have
an affiliate generated web site, you wll not qualify.

2. You must have some working knowledge of Internet

3. You must have a creative mind and be willing to
participate in monthly meetings.

4. You must be available to promote products on a daily basis
in order to obtain maximum profits and results.

5. You must have a mailing list and contacts of
your own and you must agressively market our
product and services. Sales are not mandatatory but marketing
our services is mandatory using your assigned referral links.

6. You must pay the accelerated earnings partner contract fee in
full in order to join. There are NO refunds on
accelerated earnings partner contract fees. The accelerated
earnings partner contract fee for one year is $197.00.

7. You must have a business or business premiere
Paypal account in good standing in order to accept customer payments.

Income Specifics:

Accelerated Earnings partners will receive 100% of all payments
generated from referrals originating from their assigned resell links.
These payments will be sent from the customer to the accelerated
earnings partner at the very instant the order is placed.

Accelerated Earnings partners will receive 100% full payments on
ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES available now and in the future on
Ebizservices.net for the next 365 days.

Accelerated Earnings partners will earn 100% full payments on all
of our products and services on Ebizservices.net... products such
as our popular...

Hotlist/Inner Circle
Ad Co-op
Masters Packages
Self Serve Emails
Guaranteed One time and Monthly Traffic Packages
Social Media Packages
Holiday Ad Packs
Coaching Packages
Over 100 Digital eProducts
and all future products and services!

Sample Ad Copy and Banner Graphics included for your promotional
use on most packages and products

Our payment system will direct payments directly to your
paypal account each time a payment is due. The system will
send payments to you instantly from each customer that you
bring in using your unique resellers link.

When do you start earning your payments? Within 72 hours
& after your accelerated partner contract has been signed. We
will program your paypal email address in to our accelerated
partner system, assign your resell links, and away you will go!

Backend Sales Tracking Area Included to all Accelerated Earnings

Interested? Remember, we are only accepting (10) accelerated
partners for ebizservices.net and will only be accepting them today only.

We guarantee you wll make your investment back in one
months time and probably much sooner than that.

To reserve your spot, use the paypal pay me feature
below or if you have problems using that method,
email us for a paypal generated invoice at:
sdtadvertising @ gmail.com

PayPal Acceptance Mark



Want to sign up but can't afford the full payment today? Don't let
that be the reason you miss out on this incredible offer! You can
sign up today using our financing agreement. You can pay half today
and half in 30 days.

Why? Because we believe everyone should have the same opportunities in business
and you have to spend money to make money online. Use the link below to sign
up for financing and pay half today, half later!

Accelerated Program
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$98.50 USD
Every 1 month (x 1)$98.50 USD
Total $197.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for

Accelerated Earnings partner paperwork will be emailed to the paypal
email address used to make your payment.

Serious Inquiries ONLY. If you have any questions, please
let us know and we will address them as soon as we can.

This is truly an exciting income opportunity and a great
way to get your foot in the door with someone who has
been working full time on the Internet for over 16 years.
Sit back, let the knowledge and paychecks roll in each

Happy Profiting!
Michelle, Admin. Ebizservices.net SDTadvertising.com

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